Time Trial league notes

Time Trial League Notes

The NCTC league is intended to add some additional interest and encourage participation across the whole of the NCTC TT season and is not to be taken too seriously (although a trophy is awarded for the best male and female).


Points are awarded based on finishing position – 50pts for 1st place, 47pts for 2nd, 44 3rd, 42 4th, 41 5th and so on decreasing by 1pt per position down to 1 pt for 45th place. This scoring seems similar to how UCI ranking points are awarded for ‘proper’ races too, that is, the points available are the same for a category of race regardless of the calibre or number of the actual racers. Since I don’t think there are ever >45 riders, anyone who rides gets points.

The consequences of this is that the average rider will probably get more points from a small field than a large field, (10th/20 is 36 pts, 20th/40 is 26pts), but the smaller turnouts are probably for miserable nights and maybe that’s reasonable encouragement.

Best 10 results count towards final position

Points are awarded for all results, and the table lists a total score, but the final league position is based on the best 10 results (out of 22 potential TTs). This allows each rider to miss a few TTs, DNF, or have an off day (or ride your singlespeed for kicks) and it doesn’t affect your final position as much as if all counted.


For the TT series to run, we need people to help with setting up the course and timekeeping, and regular entrants are expected to volunteer at least once per season. To ensure timekeepers are not penalized by missing a potential scoring opportunity, timekeepers get points equivalent to their average score.

Ranking when there are a mix of one and two lap results

The two-lap course is considered the full distance, and all two-lap results will be ordered ahead of one-lap results.

Handicapped Red Lodge TT

For the league, results are scored in the same way as usual (fastest actual time is first). The handicapped times and positions are a separate competition.

2-up results

Include both 2-ups (two racing together) and solo riders in the times and score as usual. Both 2-ups get the same position and score, but ‘use’ two positions. For example, Bill and Bess are a 2-up and fastest, Ben is solo and the next fastest time, Betty and Brian (2-up) are third fastest, Beryl is solo and next would produce these final positions are: Bill & Bess both 1st, Ben 3rd, Betty & Brian both 4th, Beryl 6th.

Does everyone score?

Full results are listed for all participants but league points are only calculated for first claim NCTCclub members, and points are based on positions disregarding non-members.

Males and Females together?

Males and females are scored together, but a separate female league ranking table is created at the end of the season.


Disqualified, Did Not Start and Did Not Finish all score zero. A zero is entered as a mark of participation. The best 10 format allows for an occasional puncture.