Time-keeping Duties

Time Trial Timekeeping Duties

First of all thank you for supporting the club by offering your time to help run the time trials, without this they would not be able to take place. We currently still require help for the follow TT dates.

20th June – Red Lodge 25 – Start 19.00 – 1 Timekeepers required
11th July – Red Lodge – Start 19.00 – 1 Timekeepers required
18th July – Ashley BS/36 – Start 19.00 – 2 Timekeepers required
1st Aug – Ashley A – Start 19.00 – 2 Timekeeper required
8th Aug – Red Lodge – Start 19.00 – 2 Timekeeper required
22nd Aug – Red Lodge – Start 18.30 -2 Timekeepers required

The week before you actually time-keep you will need to collect the signs and time-keepers bag from the previous weeks event. You can check the time and location of this on the time-trial calendar. Please make sure the bag contains watches, folders, forms and numbers and that you have all the signs from the course.

On the night you will need to set out the signs around the course – see the maps attached. Every road that comes onto the course needs a ‘Cycle Event’ warning sign. Please ensure that you are wearing the high visibility jacket whilst setting up signs and whilst you are signing people on and time keeping.

For each road junction that is passed you will need a straight on, left or right directional sign to ensure the course is clearly marked.

You will need to be back and ready to sign on riders at least 45-60 minutes before the first rider is due to set off.
There are two clipboards in the bag; one for riders to sign with their address and emergency phone numbers, the second is for the timekeepers to record times.

As members sign on they will need to pay according to membership, showing cards or as a nonmember. You then hand out numbers in order and write their name and number on the second clipboard sheet. If it is a two-lap course then leave the first few spaces for riders doing two laps, as this takes longer.

Once all riders are signed on, assign one person to hold the stopwatch and call out the time as riders pass the finish line, the other person should write down the time and work out the time taken. One person will need to push the riders off.

Please ensure all riders have a helmet and flashing light on the rear of their bike.

Riders have been asked not to ask for times or look over time-keepers shoulders until the last rider is back to avoid distraction.

Once all riders have returned, all money and record sheets need to be returned to the next timekeeper.

Rest assured there will be many experienced riders and timekeepers on the night who will be too happy to offer advice as needed.

This information is available as a download if you’d prefer to print it out and have it with you.