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It’s Friday, which means the WTRL Team Time Trial on Zwift took place last night. Race #102 was one lap of the flat, 28km Watopia Waistband Course. With the clocks having sprung forward there were a few less riders that in previous weeks and the club fielded 3 teams.

Our ladies only Team, the NCTC Mares, ever presents in the Vienna Platinum League (PL) finished 6th with only 4 riders, qualifying again for PL next week. They’ve finished in the top 12 the last 6 times they’ve ridden and whilst missing 2 riders they do have space for others, contact Kerry Tate if you are interested.

The NCTC Mustangs went round in a stunning 43.8 km per hour, their reward for such a strong effort was a fourth rider being graded cat A and being bumped up from Frappe to Expresso class, a superb effort!

The second men’s Team, the NCTC Suffolk Punch, who as their as their name suggests don’t consist of the smallest riders, well except for a jockey, fancied their chances on a flat course. They aimed for 39:30 and missed it by a second but finished 6th in the Latte class and have made the PL for the first time. Having all 8 men really helped, although 2 laps of the Harrogate course will test them nest week!

The author may be a punch and sorry if they dominate the post a little, but 6 of the riders have taken part in nearly all the races since the beginning of Feb, all 5 of the 6 put out between 0.4 and 0.5 w/kg more last night than 2 months ago, it really is great training!

If you are thinking about getting involved, please get in touch with Kerry Tate, David Cheshire, William Jack or Sven Brode. Different courses will suit different riders. Please don’t worry that you might not be strong enough, worst case you’ll get dropped at some point if the captain feels it’s right, but you’ll be stronger for the following week. Ride On!

The club had four teams in the WTRL Team Time Trial last night - 25th March.

It was the first week the ladies had 6 riders that all got out the pen and they finished second in the Vienna platinum league, a superb performance. Surely a win is imminent!

The three men’s teams had a good week, the Mustangs missing a couple of regulars in Rob Boyle and James Walton but still had 7 strong riders. They finished 42nd in class, 131st in the world!

The Suffolk punches managed to get al 8 in the pen this week, although Dave Worrall immediately ghosted and they competed as 7, they backed up lasts weeks 21st in class with a 22nd on another course that wasn’t ideally suited to their physical attributes. They are just 36 seconds off a platinum league place and are optimistic ahead of next week’s flat course.

The Stallions were down to 4 this week, which minimises rest for all the team as the 4th rider onwards experience maximum draft, they performed well almost matching their best placings when they had 6 riders 5 weeks ago, a great effort.

There are spaces for two riders in the Mares Team and taking in account availability across the 3 men’s teams probably room for another 3 or 4 men. If you like to get involved please reach out, despite the odd tech failure, it’s one of my highlights of the locked down week and great training for riding in real life!

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