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Resumption Of NC&TC Time Trials

6th July 2020
Dear Club Member

Today it has been confirmed that CTT Type B ‘club’ events can be held from and including Monday 13 July 2020

Therefore we are delighted to announce that our evening TT programme will be able to start on Wednesday 15th July at Bottisham - 1st rider off @ 19.00

In addition to the usual requirements, hard helmet, rear light, etc., the following will be necessary to ensure we and you meet all the revised guidelines:-Competitors should not attend if they feel ill in ANY way or if family members have any COVID-19 symptoms.
An elevated resting heart rate or exceptionally quick to react heart rate during warm up can suggest an underlying asymptomatic illness of ANY kind. You should NOT start the event (DNS) and leave immediately. Do not go to the start line if you feel this is the case and notify the organiser of your intention not to start as a result of an adverse warmup.
All warm-ups should be done on the road. Static warm-ups are prohibited.
Riders MUST NOT gather in anyway regardless of current guidelines in the car park, HQ area or elsewhere.
No support can be provided if a competitor suffers mechanical difficulties. It is strongly advised that all competitors carry with them a spare inner-tube/tubular, pump and tyre levers if required.
It is strongly advised that all competitors carry a mobile phone and take with them the telephone number of the event organiser. Please telephone the organiser if you have failed to finish the event.
The correct entry fee money (£4, or £5 for riders not members of a CTT affiliated club) to be placed by the rider into the receptacle provided.  PLEASE BRING THE CORRECT MONEY
Riders must sign on using THEIR OWN PEN
Riders must pick up their designated number but not handle other numbers.
Riders must attach THEIR OWN NUMBERS
Finishing riders must remove their own numbers only and place them in the receptacle provided. Riders using ‘no pins’ should remove the pins from their number and put the pins in the receptacle provided for used numbers.
Riders must not gather near the time-keepers.
Riders will ‘self-start’: there will NOT be push starts. The normal time countdown from the timekeeper will take place but from a safe distance.
At the conclusion of the event the results will be read out and the result sheet will be suitably placed for those wishing to photograph it.
There will be no rota for putting out or collecting ‘Cycle Event’ signs. This task will be done by one person for the remainder of the season.
The remaining six events on this year’s calendar are dependent on being able to start on 15th July and there being no further changes to the CTT & government guidelines; if the situation does change you will be notified by email.

NC&TC Committee

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