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NC&TC TT - League Table Update 28th Aug 2021

30th August 2021

I now have the provisional TT league tables done. With only one race left, prizes are still up for grabs, so if you have not yet entered the TT tomorrow, then you might want to read on...

In the men's overall table, Jordan Black is top on 492.8, with David Halliday sitting second on 488. @Simon Plant looks to be safe in 3rd place on 476 points, with Martin Smith 4th with 440.6.

In the men's road bike, Rob Speers has things wrapped up with 495.2 points. Andrew Hammond looks safe in second on 449.4 points. 3rd place could go to Robert Boyle (422.8 ), James Canham (418 ) or David Cheshire (417.8 ). I think James can take third with a second place finish tomorrow (47 points replacing his worst counting score of 40).

Men's newcomer (best five scores) looks to be going to James Canham (214) with Josh Arksey (206) and Arlando Thompson (200) still technically in it.

The ladies overall looks to be all wrapped up, Charlotte Smith has a perfect score of 500, with Sophie Lee second on 479 and Judy Brown 3rd on 462.8.

Judy Brown has a perfect score of 500 in the ladies road bike competition, Kerry Louise Brennand is second on 492.3 and Bethany Broughton is third on 447.

Kerry Louise Brennand has a perfect score of 250 in the ladies newcomer competition.

Don't forget there are also four prizes up for grabs tomorrow in the 25 - advanced entry now closed, but plenty of spaces to enter on the day.

All the TT results can be found here.

We’re at Bottisham next week in another joint TT with CCC 18.30pm start. We only have 20 places so please email me before 8pm Sunday 15th Aug. Check your inboxes.

NC&TC TT Co-ordinator - David Halliday

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