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NC&TC TT - Ashley B 8.2 miles - Wed 19th May - Report/Results

31st May 2021

On the 19th May, we returned yet again to the Ashley B course for round six of the NCTC Club TT league.

Jason Bouttell (TVR) set the fastest time on the night, completing the course in 17:34

David Halliday was fastest for NCTC overall in a time of 19:33, with Matt Meek close behind in 19:44, and Simon Plant third in 20:02, despite some issues with traffic passing a group ride heading in the opposite direction! Charlotte Smith was the fastest lady, with a time of 22:13, and Sophie Lee was second in 23:05

Dominic Cordner was the fastest man on a road bike in 20:42, and Judy Brown fastest lady in 23:33. For the newcomer competition James Canham and Arlando Thompson tied for fastest man in 22:48, with Mark Careless only a second behind! Bethany Broughton was fastest lady newcomer in 25:51

A huge thank you to Ken Parsons and Ryan Bragg for clearing the corner at Moulton to make it safe to ride, and Ken, Martin Smith , Kerry Tate and Pete Foody for time keeping and marshalling. Rob Speers also lent excellent support to the riders as they attacked the hill to Cheveley.

Full results can be found here

NC&TC TT Co-ordinator - David Halliday

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