NC&TC members put up outstanding performances in the ITU World Triathlon Grand Final

David Cordner and Jane Paterson-Todd both put in fantastic performances in the ITU World Triathlon Grand Final in Rotterdam over this weekend (16-18th Sept 2017) competing for GB – Jane and Ireland – David. The club is very proud of your achievements and all the hard training you both put in to qualify for this prestigious event.

I’ll leave David to explain what an amazing weekend it was for them.

Well what a day I had today, absolutely fantastic experience, after a whole week of plodding around in the miserable rain, watching elites, para triathlon & U23 elites while doing familiarisation on the swim and bike, the sun finally came out and the conditions were perfect.
I was off at 1.45 but because of the split transition I had to get down to T1 and put my running shoes in place, trying to make sure I could remember where they were when I arrived later, but as our whole wave was n the same section it would hopefully be ok, then I had to cycle over the swan bridge down to T2 to rack my bike, that was easy as our waves position was just as you enter T2 so should be easy enough to find bike later.

I now had 2 hours till the off so I watched the races unfold stood at the bike mount line for ages watching how not to do a successful mount, some people made very hard work of it. Carried on round to swim exit, the atmosphere was brilliant the place was buzzing, then I headed to the Athletes lounge or big tent and used the warm up track out back to stretch out and warm up. Had to be at the swim start 30 mins before the start so made my way down to start, everyone was wishing me well I think Ireland is most people’s 2nd favourite team!

We had our instructors and the DJ whipped up the crowd and we were individually introduced to the crowd, we headed down to the pontoon to get ready for the hooter.

The water was calm which was brilliant compared to practice swim on Thursday, hooter went off and so did we, 100 in the wave, got stuck behind someone doing beast stroke!!! But got passed and settled in to nice rhythm, seemed to go for ages but eventually made the swim exit, just as I was getting out got a massive cramp in left ham string, never had that happen before after the swim, so hobbled my way along the 600m run to transit, wetsuit had to go into bag and left to be collected by marshals, helmet on and bike off rack and away, ran past dismount and launched myself onto bike, into shoes and off, very happy with that.
Bike course was very technical, but more so at beginning winding through the dock area, being cheered o by everyone, up over the swan bridge and onto the course proper, I had a train of people sitting on my wheel as it was a draft legal race, so I slowed up to force them to come past which worked at treat a British and Belgian can past and we agreed to work together, so heads down and push on, I loved the bike course, tight turns , speed bumps, bridges ramps and loads of people working in groups, fantastic effort but others dropped by other groups joined on the back and didn’t want to work, so after a few words of gentle encouragement they seen the light and came through for a turn that lasted about 30 secs, so we needed to drop them, which we did, then we arrived back In the the city centre, over the cobbles and did a small section of the elite course and into transition, almost over cooked the dismount, but got off with a millimetre to spare.

Got to bike rack position and some idiot has racked in wrong place thank god he didn’t run off in my running shoes, racked bike were I could find a space, shoes on and off, but the hard work on the bike meant I was puffing hard, the run was through a beautiful park so the shade of the trees made it perfect, tried to pick up pace but couldn’t so coasted round the course to 4K point, then out of park and towards finish, crowds were cheering us on all the way home, down to the grandstands left turn past the grandstand and turnaround and head back past grandstands again along the blue carpet and over the line, medal round neck I needed a moment as it a bit overwhelming. Watched and cheered on the rest of the competitors seen JPT come past on run looking strong, then home for shower and out for beer with Irish team to the Irish bar!

Had an amazing time in Rotterdam, very lucky to get a place on Irish team, thanks to o NCTC for their support and coaching , we have a fantastic club and it would be amazing to see more club members at these events in the future, it was only a few years ago I did my first tri at Newmarket I was 4 stone heavier and did it on a knackered rusty mountain bike. Its great to be part of a club that encourages all.

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