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NC&TC Exchange Visit – April 2018

Message from Jake Woolfe – NC&TC Committee

Good evening all – there is a group of cyclists departing from Massion-laffite, France and cycling to Newmarket.

This group arrive in Newmarket, midday on Friday the 27th of April and depart from Newmarket on the 28th at 11am. The group consist of 13 (3 couples + 5 men and 2 ladies).

In past decades it would seem we as a club offer hospitality to cyclists and clubs like this.

I’m asking all NCTC members and reaching out to all 966 on Facebook could you accommodate a cyclist or two for a night. A bit like an old fashioned exchange programme I guess.

I appreciate the times they are arriving and for many of us would be at work etc but if you have a spare room and a desire to make new friends from across the channel please get in touch, either below on messenger or email

There is a planned ride on the Saturday morning 28/4 which I’ll lead (not the Saturday club ride as it’ll be departing at 07:45) it’ll be a 20ish mile ride at an AVG of 15mph with a stop at la houge taking in Newmarket sights such as Warren hill and the surrounding villages which host famous stud farms.

The ride shall start and finish at the racing centre – anyone is welcome to join this ride but I ask you must wear NCTC kit, in order to promote our club to the visiting cycling club. Also it’ll help promote NCTC for any media that may want to promote this epic ride from Massion-laffete to Newmarket in 5 days.

Kind regards

NC&TC exchange visit AC Mesnil-le-Roi in 1978

NC&TC History – Club Exchange Trips

Pictures from the first Newmarket Cycling Club visit to our twin towns, we rode a semi-closed road circuit race organised by AC Mesnil-le-Roi in 1978. With Nigel White and Mark Smith also racing.

2018 – NC&TC TT Season Starts

Our first TT of the 2018 season starts in Fordham on Wednesday 4th April at 6.15pm so you need to be there with plenty of time before the start to get registered. This weeks route is the Fordham circuit which is 5.1 miles. Please park off the main road – we usually park by the surgery near the start/finish line. **** Please remember a helmet and working rear light are required or you will not be allowed to participate!***** The charge will be £3 for CTT member £5 for non-CTT member. A ‘CTT member’ means being a member of a CTT affiliated cycling club. Timekeeping tonight will be Andy Peacock, Mick Lowther, Hugo Runciman Good luck everyone, and have fun 🙂

2018 – NC&TC Interclub Series Starts this Sunday 8th April 2018

This is the first of our 2018 interclub TT series with Team Cambridge and Cambridge Tri. We are the current holders of the trophy so we need a good turn out to help retain the trophy! The course is the E33/10 starting at Bottisham at 10 am. Look forward to seeing everyone on Sunday. The two other legs in the series are June 13th on the Ashley A BS/34 * circuit, with the final leg on 2nd September at Bottisham E33/10 starting at 10 am.

2018 – NC&TC Spring Triathlon


2018 – Swimming/TT/Turbo Update

UPDATE – PRICING At the January Committee meeting we discussed pricing and the feedback we had received personally and through our facebook poll. . We are still negotiating run coaching so I will just put up the swim and TT/turbo pricing here. . SWIMMING The coaching from Tom has been well received and will continue on Tuesday evenings and Friday mornings. . £4 member £6 non-member £25 monthly available members only . Prices come into effect 1st February (first session 2nd February). The £4 price is lower than other clubs and the same as an open (un-coached) pool session for a member of the general public. . There will be no 6 per lane limit. . It was also agreed the Friday evening session would be closed during the summer as so many start open water swimming then. It is not coached and continues to be very quiet this winter. If there is not sufficient interest then it will be closed. . TT This was discussed at length. We undercharge compared to near neighbours and decided to charge as follows: . £3 for CTT member £5 for non-CTT member £35 season ticket for Newmarket Club members only A ‘CTT member’ means being a member of a CTT affiliated cycling club. NCTC and most other cycling clubs in the region are CTT affiliated, so essentially if you are a visitor from another club you pay the same price as a NCTC member. £2 of that £3 goes to CTT. . There will be further comments here about eligibility and volunteering in due course. . Turbo sessions continue to be well attended in the Racing Centre on Wednesday evenings (7:30pm) and are £2 for members, £3 for non-members. . Any questions or concerns please contact Paul Heselwood.

Keith Victorious in Forest 10K

Keith McCarthy flew the NCTC flag high and proud with an excellent 1st place in the Kings Forest 10k trail run on Sunday January 7th. A great start to 2018 for Keith who is targeting some duathlons early in the year and this was part of the training. A huge well done from everyone in the club.

Keith McCarthy wins Forest 10k

Coaching Update

I am very pleased to introduce Paul Heselwood, our new Club Coaching Co-ordinator. 
Paul is a multiple Ironman finisher and in 2013 finished 8th in the Slovenia double ultra (double iron distance) World Cup race. 
As a coach he is on the BTF High Performance Coaching Programme, a Sports Science graduate, professional member of the British Association of Sports and Exercise Scientists (BASES) and a Chartered Institute for the Management of Sports and Physical Activity (CIMSPA) Practitioner in Exercise and Fitness. 
Paul has completed the BTF Head Coach and Strength & Conditioning modules, and is an Accredited Advisor with UK Anti-Doping. He has a successful training business and has coached a number of endurance athletes and private clients over the years. He also founded and runs Monster Racing with his wife.
(Most impressive of all, he survived a Tim Wilson S&C session without a single complaint on Monday evening.)
Paul has agreed to join NCTC for a year initially to get involved in the delivery of coaching at the Club. The first steps are to get to know our Coaches and attend some sessions to meet more members and get to know what makes us and the Club tick. Once he has had a chance to do that, I have asked Paul to bring a plan to the Committee in February.
I think you will agree this is a very exciting development – and I know you will make Paul feel very welcome. Watch this space for more info but in the mean time, as a member, do feel free to contact Paul yourself about what he can offer and discuss your own plans for 2018!

2017 AGM Upate

Thanks to all who came along to the AGM this evening and for giving your opinions (all 30+ of you!) on everything from membership, kit and coaching to club finances and events. They were good discussions, where everyone’s voice was heard #itsyourclub Minutes to follow and headlines will be posted up here over the next few days starting with the new Committee… Chairman – Robin Millar Vice-Chairman – Richard Newell Treasurer – David Cordner Secretary – Mark Gibbs Social – Richard Gash Rides – Emma Alexandra Sharp Kit – Jake Woolf Membership – Kerry Tate-Brown Events [TBC]

It was also agreed that Events, Social and Rides would be supported by their own sub-committees made up as follows. Social: Pearl Fay, Mick Lowther, Nigel Winnington Rides: Ken Parsons, David Cheshire, Jackie Henley Events: Gareth Godfrey, Andy Peacock, Kari Karolia, Sara Brown, Alison (I have a feeling I missed someone – please correct me in the comments!) Finally a big thanks to Linda Hones, David Green, Gareth Godfrey and Ken Parsons for all their work on Committee and who stepped down (but didn’t get very far!) and also a very warm welcome on to the Committee for Emma, Richard and Kerry!

NC&TC 2017 Annual General Meeting

4th December, 7pm Racing Centre, Newmarket

Light refreshments and cash bar available before the meeting.
    • 1. WELCOME – Chairman
    • 2. MINUTES (2016 AGM) – Hon Secretary
    • 3. REPORTS ON 2017 SEASON
    • Chairman
    • Treasurer
    • Committee Members
    • 4. APPOINTMENT OF AUDITOR – Treasurer
    • 5. QUESTIONS FROM MEMBERS – Chairman
    • 6. ELECTIONS
    • Chairman
    • Vice Chairman
    • Honorary Secretary
    • Treasurer
    • Other Committee Posts
    • 9. VOTE OF THANKS – Chairman
    • 10. DATE OF 2018 AGM – Monday 26th November 2018

An informal discussion of any Club matters will follow the formal AGM.

2017 NCTC Award Winners

NCTC Prize Giving

Time Trial league

Men’s Winner – 500 points – Gary Hounsome Men’s 2nd place – 491.6 points – Jordan Black Men’s 3rd place – 462.7 points – Gareth Godfrey Ladies Winner – 411.1 points – Gemma Irvine Ladies 2nd place – 363.8 points – Sara Brown Ladies 3rd place – 328.5 points – Sophie Lee Most Improved Rider – Glenn Fruish Red Lodge Handicap ‘10’ – David Cordner Hill Climb Champion – Eugene Husband Red Lodge 25 – Gary Hounsome with a time of 59.56

Open Time Trials

25 Mile TT cup – Steve Peck with a time of 56.53 50 Mile TT cup – James Wood with a time of 1:57.39 100 Mile TT cup – Keith McCarthy with a time of 4.56.44

Road Racing

Male Road Racing – Paul Dennison Ladies Road Racing – Kerry Tate-Brown Road Champion – Andy Bathe Cyclo Cross Champion – Mark Gibbs

Triathlon championship 2017

Ladies Triathlon Champions Ladies Senior – Gemma Irvine – points 398.76 Ladies Veterans – Jane Patterson-Todd points 432.65 Ladies Super-Veterans – Linda Hones – points 435.89 Junior young achiever of the year – Jack Gash Men’s Triathlon Champions Men’s Senior – Gordon Irvine – points 382.89 Men’s Veterans – Eugene Husband – points 407.02 Men’s Super-Veterans – Glenn Fruish – points 406.03 The Taylor Cup for the highest overall score Linda Hones with a score of 435.89

Iron Man of the Year – Gordan Irvine

Other Ironman Hall of Fame Glenn Fruish, Sarah Osbourne, Mark Gibbs, Angie Girgis, Di Farrell-Thomas & Eugene Husband

2017 Clubman of the Year – Ken Parsons

Other nominees, Jake Woolf, Emma Sharp, Eliot Bentley, Jackie Henley, Ian Hawkins, Gareth Godfrey, John Tighe & Eugene Husband

NCTC Autumn Triathlon Results now Available

Race results for the 2017 Autumn Triathlon can now be viewed here

NC&TC riders complete 9 Day LEJOG

NC&TC members David Cheshire and Rob Haynes successfully completed the 9 day Deloitte Ride Across Britain LEJOG challenge. Fantastic effort guys chapeau to both of you, however, it does mean you’ll both be required to ride on the front of all the club rides from now as you’re both in such good form!!

NC&TC members put up outstanding performances in the ITU World Triathlon Grand Final

David Cordner and Jane Paterson-Todd both put in fantastic performances in the ITU World Triathlon Grand Final in Rotterdam over this weekend (16-18th Sept 2017) competing for GB – Jane and Ireland – David. The club is very proud of your achievements and all the hard training you both put in to qualify for this prestigious event. I’ll leave David to explain what an amazing weekend it was for them. Well what a day I had today, absolutely fantastic experience, after a whole week of plodding around in the miserable rain, watching elites, para triathlon & U23 elites while doing familiarisation on the swim and bike, the sun finally came out and the conditions were perfect. I was off at 1.45 but because of the split transition I had to get down to T1 and put my running shoes in place, trying to make sure I could remember where they were when I arrived later, but as our whole wave was n the same section it would hopefully be ok, then I had to cycle over the swan bridge down to T2 to rack my bike, that was easy as our waves position was just as you enter T2 so should be easy enough to find bike later. I now had 2 hours till the off so I watched the races unfold stood at the bike mount line for ages watching how not to do a successful mount, some people made very hard work of it. Carried on round to swim exit, the atmosphere was brilliant the place was buzzing, then I headed to the Athletes lounge or big tent and used the warm up track out back to stretch out and warm up. Had to be at the swim start 30 mins before the start so made my way down to start, everyone was wishing me well I think Ireland is most people’s 2nd favourite team! We had our instructors and the DJ whipped up the crowd and we were individually introduced to the crowd, we headed down to the pontoon to get ready for the hooter. The water was calm which was brilliant compared to practice swim on Thursday, hooter went off and so did we, 100 in the wave, got stuck behind someone doing beast stroke!!! But got passed and settled in to nice rhythm, seemed to go for ages but eventually made the swim exit, just as I was getting out got a massive cramp in left ham string, never had that happen before after the swim, so hobbled my way along the 600m run to transit, wetsuit had to go into bag and left to be collected by marshals, helmet on and bike off rack and away, ran past dismount and launched myself onto bike, into shoes and off, very happy with that. Bike course was very technical, but more so at beginning winding through the dock area, being cheered o by everyone, up over the swan bridge and onto the course proper, I had a train of people sitting on my wheel as it was a draft legal race, so I slowed up to force them to come past which worked at treat a British and Belgian can past and we agreed to work together, so heads down and push on, I loved the bike course, tight turns , speed bumps, bridges ramps and loads of people working in groups, fantastic effort but others dropped by other groups joined on the back and didn’t want to work, so after a few words of gentle encouragement they seen the light and came through for a turn that lasted about 30 secs, so we needed to drop them, which we did, then we arrived back In the the city centre, over the cobbles and did a small section of the elite course and into transition, almost over cooked the dismount, but got off with a millimetre to spare. Got to bike rack position and some idiot has racked in wrong place thank god he didn’t run off in my running shoes, racked bike were I could find a space, shoes on and off, but the hard work on the bike meant I was puffing hard, the run was through a beautiful park so the shade of the trees made it perfect, tried to pick up pace but couldn’t so coasted round the course to 4K point, then out of park and towards finish, crowds were cheering us on all the way home, down to the grandstands left turn past the grandstand and turnaround and head back past grandstands again along the blue carpet and over the line, medal round neck I needed a moment as it a bit overwhelming. Watched and cheered on the rest of the competitors seen JPT come past on run looking strong, then home for shower and out for beer with Irish team to the Irish bar! Had an amazing time in Rotterdam, very lucky to get a place on Irish team, thanks to o NCTC for their support and coaching , we have a fantastic club and it would be amazing to see more club members at these events in the future, it was only a few years ago I did my first tri at Newmarket I was 4 stone heavier and did it on a knackered rusty mountain bike. Its great to be part of a club that encourages all.

NCTC Retain Interclub TT Trophy

NCTC have successfully retained their inter club TT trophy with another excellent performance on a bright and breezy E33/10 course. With strong performances in both the other two legs of this three legged series putting us in a very strong position, Jordan Black and Steve Peck in coming 2nd and 3rd on the day gave us an unassailable lead and backed up with excellent performances from David Cordner – 8th, Gemma Irvine – 10th and Ken Parsons – 12th, meant we are again proud owners of the trophy for another year. The club can again take great credit for producing a strong turn out and a big thanks goes to Joe Richer, David Green, Angie Girgis, Glenn Fruish and Alex Leeson for representing the club.