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Latest Ride Updates - Finally We're Back!!

10th July 2020
Club rides Saturday 11th July

Now we're back up and running, we will have our usual three rides leaving the NLC at 9 am. Look forward to seeing everyone at the weekend. Potential members come […]

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28th June 2020
NC&TC Club rides Saturday 27th June

Finally, we're back!!!...please take time to understand the new ride guidelines during the Covid 19 outbreak. Max group size is six. Please meet at the NLC at 9am. 9 am […]

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13th March 2020
NC&TC Club rides Saturday 14th March

The weather is looking OK for this Saturday. This week we will have an additional Transition Ride. The pace of this ride will be steady for the first few miles allowing […]

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24th February 2020
Club rides Saturday 29th February

After losing the rides for the last two weeks it appears as if we will be able to get out this weekend. For the final day of stormy February, we […]

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18th February 2020
Club rides Saturday 22nd/23rd February

After losing last weeks rides, the weather is again looking very stormy for the weekend!!…we will again have to monitor conditions and see if we can get out. Can everyone […]

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All our weekend club rides start from Newmarket Leisure Centre. Please meet at 8.45am for a 9am depart.
Social Ride: 9am - NLC

Club Ride: 9am - NLC

Sporting Ride: 9am - NLC

Transition Ride: 9am - NLC - As advertised

Sunday Ride: 9am - NLC - As advertised 
Rides are free to members and non-members, although after three rides we would kindly ask non-members to join the club to continue riding with us.

NC&TC Rides Overview

Social Ride

This ride follows the clubs primary ride guidelines.

This is a ‘guided’ ride and during the winter months will be less than 35 miles at an average pace between 13-15mph.

It is perfect for those cyclists wanting a social ride, those new to the sport, those coming back from injuries and sportive cyclists. All the routes for this ride are designed to take in a coffee stop during the ride unless otherwise agreed (sometimes the coffee stop is at the NLC at the end of the ride especially in the winter months). The group will stay together.

It is envisaged that the stronger riders progress their rides to the Club Ride as necessary. You are still welcome on the Social Ride, however, this may require more discipline than before in terms of staying together as a group and you should not break the group riding dynamic.

Club Ride

This ‘guided’ ride will be less than 45 miles during the winter months, but can be as long as 65 miles with up to 3000ft of climbing during the summer. The average pace of this ride is in excess of 15mph but not above 16.5mph.

This ride is perfect for those wanting a step up from the social ride, triathletes, stronger sportive and touring riders and riders with a good level of fitness. It is the ride for riders wanting to improve their technique, such as hill climbing. This group stays together at all times on the level and reforms after climbs. This ride can include a coffee stop unless otherwise agreed (sometimes the coffee stop is at the NLC at the end of the ride especially in the winter months).

It is envisaged that the stronger riders progress their rides to the Sporting Ride as necessary. You are still welcome on the Club Ride, however, this may require more discipline than before in terms of respecting the wishes of the ride guide for the ride and not breaking the group speed/dynamic.

Transition Ride

These rides will be additional to our main three club rides and are designed for those who want to go a little faster/harder than the club ride. These rides can contain interval sessions on sections of the route and/or more hill climbing than usual. These will be perfect for those who need to get ready early season for challenging sportives or those wanting some good early season strength training. 

This ride is setup to average between 16.5mph and 18mph but this could be fluid due to the nature of the ride, this ride can also include a coffee stop. These rides will be advertised seperately and will not be every week so stay in touch with either the website or Facebook group events page.

Sporting Ride

This ride, due to its nature, has a good deal of flexibility but will still be setup to benefit all the riders in the group. Ride guides will ensure riders are suitably warmed up, especially before undertaking high intensity/tempo work, paying particular attention to supporting riders who are returning to fitness, or riders moving up a group. If all riders in the group have ‘warmed up’ on the way to the NLC, and this must first be established, be aware, this ride can start off at a strong pace.

This ride can be any distance between 40 and 80 miles and sometimes further, during the winter months it will be mostly around 55 miles. The average pace for this ride is in excess of 17.5mph and on flatter routes can average as high as 20mph. Routes can include over 3000ft of elevation and can include the biggest hills in the
Newmarket area.

This ride is perfect for strong triathletes, half and full ironman athletes and riders with a high level of strength and fitness who want to put in some strong shared training sessions. Please note, the base assumption is for this ride is to stay together but on occasion (through agreement with ride guide) may separate to cater for specific training plans, but is up to the sporting riders themselves to agree the etiquette of the ride. Although the speed of this ride can be much higher than our other rides, it will still comply with all safe riding guidelines.

Sunday Rides

These will be introduced during February 2020 for a trial period. There will two a month and we communicate which weekends these will be on the events page. We will continue through March and then evaluate if there is sufficient numbers to make this a permanent NC&TC ride.
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