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Club Zwift Sessions

23rd October 2020

NCTC Zwift Sessions

We've had a few questions from members regarding Zwift sessions.

For the uninitiated and newbies to the world of virtual cycling, there are now lots of club members getting together 'online' during these COVID times to keep exercising in daytime, evenings and into the winter months. There are lots of different platforms but by far the most popular is Zwift. If you haven't got Zwift and you want to learn more look here:- and there is even more useful information here:-

Now, if this sounds like it's a bit of you, we are arranging a regular club (& friends) Tuesday evening Zwift meetup, normally at 19:00
This is a private event where we can ride together easily, sometimes as a group ride, sometimes circuit racing, perhaps a hill climb or a TT & we try and change it each week.

If you're interested in coming along just follow me in Zwift via the Companion App and you'll get an invite each week. You’ll see the invitation in blue on the “Home” screen of the app. Tap it to see details about the Meetup and respond “Going” or “Not Going.”

There will be a league table for a bit of gentle competition in the races for a 'virtual cup' but above all, it is a fun session.

Any questions please just ask away, someone will be able to answer or point you in the right direction!

See you in Watopia!

NCTC Chairman - David Cheshire

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