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NC&TC Club Ride Guidelines

Updated Ride Guidelines During Covid 19 Outbreak

From July 19th 2021, British Cycling changed their COVID 19 guidance. Full information about the updated guidance can be found here

Please follow this guidance at all times during NC&TC rides
The primary goal of our club rides is to ride safely in cohesive groups whilst obeying the Highway Code. We respectfully ask all riders to help with this goal when riding in the group and all riding is done at your OWN risk. 

NC&TC Rides are free to all club members and take place every Saturday.

The club currently has four guided rides, the Social ride, Club Ride, Intermediate Ride and Sporting Ride. We leave from Newmarket Leisure Centre and aim to meet at 8.45 am for a PROMPT 9:00 am start. We welcome all guests to join us on our club rides, but after three “free rides” and you feel you would like to carry on riding with NC&TC, we would kindly ask you become a member.

It is every riders responsibility to turn up with a road worthy bike.  Here is British Cycling’s M check guidance on how to check your bike is road worthy – British Cycling M-Check

All riders should turn up with rear lights, especially in the winter, and as a courtesy to other members, we strongly recommend installing mudguards for the winter months.

If we do not have a ride guide for the ride there will not be a NC&TC sanctioned ride for that individual ride, members will be notified if this is case no later than Friday evening.

We want cycling on the public roads to be an enjoyable experience for us and other road users. As a club we want to support and encourage people to to ride safely, respecting their fellow riders and other road users to reduce any risk and danger. Observe the Highway Code. The legal position is clear (Highway Code, Rule 66): ‘never ride more than two abreast, and ride in single file on narrow or busy roads and when riding round bends’. Riding three abreast is dangerous to riders and motorists – not least because the middle rider of the three has nowhere to go if there are any problems to avoid. This happens most commonly on descents where some riders can feel the pace is too slow. Please be patient as the safety of the group is most important, not how fast you can go downhill.

Communication within the Groups

Communication within the group is very important. All riders have a responsibility to communicate to the front if other riders are struggling or need to stop. Hazards such as pot holes should be pointed out and passed back through the group to make sure everyone is aware of the hazard.

The following are the main signals we use while riding in a group.

“Car back” – Where a vehicle is coming up from behind the group.

“Car front” – Where a vehicle is approaching towards the front of the group.

“Single out” A call from riders at the front or the back of the group when a vehicle is unable to pass the 2 abreast column safely. If hearing the call “single out” riders should create space so the outside rider can drop in safely.

“Slowing” and “stopping” should be used to communicate when approaching junctions and passed back through the group.

Always pass horses with extra care and slow down and please pay attention to any request by the horse rider, as they will know the temperament of their horse in these situations.

Riding with NC&TC is always done at your own risk and requires you to meet the minimum standard set for the ride you have selected.

If you have any issues regarding our rides please contact

Winter Riding Protocol

During the winter months (November to March) the rides may leave at 10:00 am to avoid adverse weather conditions. If the conditions for riding are considered not safe for everyone, the NC&TC ride co-ordinator will decide whether the rides go ahead and communicate to ride guides and all members via the website and Facebook and our other social media platforms.

During winter, it is recommended that you bring a waterproof jacket, not only for rain protection, but also to give an extra layer if you have to stop with a puncture, which will always mean you cool down quickly. A brightly coloured jacket will also help with your visibility to other road users.

NC&TC Club Rides – Details

Ride guides have the discretion to select their own routes but will stick to the distance guidelines as close as possible, but will always aim to stay within club guidelines for that ride. We will do our very best to inform members of the route before Saturday so you have a chance to review it, even if the information is just a list of villages the route will pass through.

Social Ride

This is a ‘guided’ ride and during the winter months will be less than 35 miles at an average pace between 13-15mph.

It is perfect for those cyclists wanting a social ride, those new to the sport, those coming back from injuries and sportive cyclists. All the routes for this ride are designed to take in a coffee stop during the ride unless otherwise agreed (sometimes the coffee stop is at the NLC at the end of the ride especially in the winter months). The group will always stay together at the average speed advertised.

Club Ride

This ‘guided’ ride will be less than 40 miles during the winter months, but can be as long as 55 miles with up to 3000ft of climbing during the summer. The average pace of this ride is in excess of 15mph but not above 16.5mph.

This ride is perfect for those wanting a step up from the social ride, triathletes, stronger sportive and touring riders and riders with a good level of fitness.  This group stays together at all times on the level and reforms after climbs. This ride normally includes a coffee stop unless otherwise agreed.

Intermediates Ride

This ‘guided’ ride will be approximately 45 miles during the winter months, but can be as long as 50-65 miles  in summer.   The average pace of this ride is in excess of 17mph but not above 19mph.

This ride is perfect for those wanting a step up from the club rides, triathletes, stronger sportive and touring riders and riders with a good level of fitness. This group stays together at all times on the level and reforms after climbs. This ride normally includes a coffee stop unless otherwise agreed.

Sporting Ride

This ride can be any distance between 40 and 80 miles and sometimes further, during the winter months it will be mostly around 45 miles. The average pace for this ride is in excess of 19.5 mph and on flatter routes can average as high as 21mph.  Routes can include over 3000ft of elevation and can include the biggest hills in the Newmarket area.

This ride will stay togther but is up to the sporting riders themselves to agree the etiquette of the ride on the day. Although the speed of this ride can be much higher than our other rides, it will still comply with all safe riding guidelines.

Sunday Rides

Sunday rides leave from Newmarket Leisure Centre at 9.00, these are formal club rides but the speed, distance and destination are decided by the group or groups on the morning of the ride.

Introductory Rides

We have in the past organised Introductory rides during the summer months. We will publish more information during the spring of 2021 if we intend to run these during the summer of 2021.

Junior Rides

Juniors (under 16 years old) are welcome on our social and club rides subject to a parent/guardian always being present and that they are able to keep up with the advertised speed of the selected ride. The parent/guardian must stay with their junior throughout the ride.

Route Library

You can see all our routes on the NCTC route page. If there is route you enjoy which is not included please let us know.

Would you like to become an NC&TC Ride Guide?

We are always looking for help with our guided rides. If you are an experienced cyclist with good group riding skills send us a message if you would like to help. You do not need any formal ride guide qualifications, but these are obviously useful, as all riders ride at their own risk if they attend a club ride. You can contact us at
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