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Due to a dangerous road surface on the Bottisham 10mm TT course we have decided to cancel this weeks TT. We will review the course early next week to evaluate whether the chips have fully bedded so we can run the TT safely.

NC&TC TT Co-ordinator - David Halliday

Red Lodge TT winner

Great effort by everyone at tonights Red Lodge TT - 21st July. Simon Plant won the night with an outstanding time of 17.50s - 26.92mph, two top performances on road bikes by Rob Speers 18.55s - 25.37mph and Matthew Hurles 18.58s - 25.31mph. Sophie Lee was our top lady of the night with an excellent time of 19.52s - 24.16mph.

Many thanks to all the team tonight, Marion Denby, Judy Brown and James Wood for all the great work to get the TT up and running.

All the TT results can be found here.

We’re at Bottisham next week in another joint TT with CCC 18.30pm start. We only have 22 places so please email me before 8pm Sunday 25th. Check your inboxes.

NC&TC TT Co-ordinator - David Halliday

NC&TC TT - TT League Table Update - 16th July

Provisional league tables.

To improve your placing you need to make sure you have ridden 10 events (including up to two where you’ve been TK/marshal). If you’ve already got 10 events, then you need to start placing higher and your worst results will drop out. Prizes for top three in each table.

Let me know if your number of events is wrong. Best 10 towards your score, which includes up to two events where you've been TK.

We’re at Red Lodge this week. 1900 start. Check your inboxes.

NC&TC TT Co-ordinator - David Halliday

David was the sole NCTC rider in the East District 50 mile TT championship on Sunday and produced an outstanding effort to finish 17th in a time of 1:47:42 in a very strong field (three rider breaking the 30mph barrier!!), great effort David!!

Below is the obligatory picture of David looking not very aero at a roundabout as per usual!!😉 - Credit Stuart Field for the photo

David Halliday Eastern 50m TT

Due to road works, we've unfortunately had to cancel our NC&TC 25 mile Championship TT this week 30th June. We will announce if this is to be re-scheduled for a later date as soon as possible.

We’re at Ashley B next week 7th July. 1900 start. Check your inboxes.

NC&TC TT Co-ordinator - David Halliday

Another great evening of entertainment at our TT. The new legendary NCTC Tandem turned up at the start line, left the start line, rode off into the sunset for repairs, returned to the start line and started!!!!...and then went roaring round 2 laps of the Ashley B TT circuit under the power of chairman David Cheshire and front man Robert Boyle....truly the stuff of legends!!!

Great effort by everyone, with some cracking times, especially David Halliday who beat all the 2 ups on his own in a time of 40.15sec - 24.15mph for the 16.4mi. Many many thanks to all the helpers tonight Jo Bouttell, Andy Peacock, Andrew Hammond, Colin Robert Wilkinson and Alex from HCC, it's this support that makes these happen.

Results available here

We’re on a new course next week, the Bottisham 25 miles. Here is a view of the route. Check your inboxes.

NC&TC TT Event Organiser

Brief report from Wednesday's TT at Bottisham...

On a quick evening, Jordan Black was fastest man overall in 21:11, with both David Halliday (21:19) and Simon Plant (21:48) breaking 22 minutes.

Charlotte Smith was fastest lady overall in 24:26 with Sophie Lee second in 25:52. Rob Speers was fastest man on a road bike (and 6th overall) with 23:17, and Kerry Louise Brennand was fastest ladies road bike in 27:02.

In the newcomer competition, James Canham was fastest male in 25:18, and Kerry Louise Brennand also fastest ladies newcomer.It was a night of many PBs. I know of PBs for Simon Plant, Rob Speers, Kerry Louise Brennand, Bethany Broughton, and Mark Careless. Mark knocking over a minute off his previous best. Let us know below if you managed to beat your best on Wednesday 👍.

Special mentions for NCTC members Denys Taylor, and Marion Denby, and Ely & District rider Martin Lewis riding their first TTs!

Big thanks to David Cheshire, Jackie Henley and Mark Gibbs for time keeping and marshalling. We've made it to round 10, so I will endeavour to get league tables posted over the next week. Ashley B next week. Solo TT or road bike 2-up (basically a chain gang... Andy Bathe 😉), one or two laps!

PS. One final mention for our esteemed Chairman David Cheshire who rode the course for an on-the-day risk assessment before the event, knocking 2 minutes off his best ever race effort. There are rumours he was on a TT bike with pointy hat. The force is strong in this one, and as the Jedi Master Yoda said "the dark side of the Force are they, easily they flow… If once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny. Consume you, it will…"

We’re at Ashley next week. 1900 start. Check your inboxes.

NC&TC TT Co-ordinator - David Halliday

*** New club record ***

On the 15th May 2021, at the ECCA Championship, Donna Hayman set a new club record for ladies vets 25 mile TT with a time of 1:08:07. Donna's record stood for around 90 minutes, as at the same event, Kerry Tate set a new mark of 59:36.

Four different lady members have held this record so far this year - it's competitive out there!

On the 26th May, 24 riders from NCTC took to the Bottisham “E33/10” 10 mile TT course for the second in our friendly inter-club series with Cambridge CC

Euan Tebbutt (CCC) was fasted on the night with a time of 21:58. Simon Plant was the fastest for NCTC (and third overall) with a time of 22:22 (a PB by several minutes for Simon) with Martin Smith second in 23:13. Charlotte Smith was the fastest NCTC lady in 24:50, with Sophie Lee next in 26:22 (another PB!)

Rob Speers was fastest road bike overall in 23:33 (8th overall, finishing well ahead of many on TT bikes), with William Wilson second road bike overall in 25:01. Judy Brown was fastest lady road bike overall in 26:50, with Kerry Louise Brennand second NCTC road bike in 28:02

For the newcomers, James Canham, paying tribute to TT legend Marcin Bialoblocki in his CCC Sprandi kit, was fastest in 25:28, and Kerry Louise Brennand fastest lady newcomer.

Thank you to all from NCTC for making the effort to race, particularly those taking last minute places after riders dropped out. We had 24 riders out of the 42 who took part. Apologies to those who missed out, particularly since there was not a full field on the night. Jordan Black took the opportunity to go undercover at West Suffolk Wheelers and break one of their course records!

A bit thanks also to Will Burton from CCC for organising, and David Cheshire for being on hand at the start. Thanks also to Ken Parsons for looking out for the riders and getting some extra signs out!

Final mention to Owen Wilson, returning from an altitude training camp in the Peak District with a new TT position that was only approved as CTT-legal after appeal!

Full results can be found here

We’re at Red Lodge this week. 1900 start. Check your inboxes.

NC&TC TT Co-ordinator - David Halliday

On the 19th May, we returned yet again to the Ashley B course for round six of the NCTC Club TT league.

Jason Bouttell (TVR) set the fastest time on the night, completing the course in 17:34

David Halliday was fastest for NCTC overall in a time of 19:33, with Matt Meek close behind in 19:44, and Simon Plant third in 20:02, despite some issues with traffic passing a group ride heading in the opposite direction! Charlotte Smith was the fastest lady, with a time of 22:13, and Sophie Lee was second in 23:05

Dominic Cordner was the fastest man on a road bike in 20:42, and Judy Brown fastest lady in 23:33. For the newcomer competition James Canham and Arlando Thompson tied for fastest man in 22:48, with Mark Careless only a second behind! Bethany Broughton was fastest lady newcomer in 25:51

A huge thank you to Ken Parsons and Ryan Bragg for clearing the corner at Moulton to make it safe to ride, and Ken, Martin Smith , Kerry Tate and Pete Foody for time keeping and marshalling. Rob Speers also lent excellent support to the riders as they attacked the hill to Cheveley.

Full results can be found here

NC&TC TT Co-ordinator - David Halliday

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