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Aldeburgh - Training Rides - July

As many of you have signed up for the full 134mi distance for our club trip to Aldeburgh, we will be holding longer club rides on Saturday's over the next few weeks in order to help you prepare to ride these very long distances.

These rides will start an hour earlier at 8am and will range from 63mi - 73 miles.

Here are the details:

Saturday July 10th - 8am - NLC - 73 miles

Saturday July 17th - 8am - NLC - 73 miles

Saturday July 24th - 8am - NLC - 63 miles

Saturday July 31st - 8am - NLC - 63 miles

These rides will be at club ride pace, which is the speed we intend to go on the day. These rides will be important if you haven't done rides over 100 miles. I will be publishing the route later this week.

Aldeburgh training rides

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