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Around The World In 40 Days......

2nd June 2020

NCTC Around the World Challenge

Dear Club Member

We have a club challenge!

To encourage every current club member to keep active and to support the local community we want to try and ride, swim walk or run collectively to reach a total mileage of 24901 miles in 40 days!! (Indoor rides & runs count, as do family walks etc - every mile makes a difference.)

Now, the reason for doing this is to support the local community & we will be donating 100% of the money raised to the Newmarket COVID-19 appeal via this link:-

So we are asking if you could pledge some money for your own and clubmates efforts, ask your family, friends, colleagues, share our plans, shout out load to anyone and everyone, share the crowdfunder link & get people to help make a difference to those in the town that will need help.

All we need is for you to log your distances on a simple sheet that you will find here:-

It's really simple - Just 4 steps.

Find you name in column A from the drop down list (you'll need to start at the bottom of the list)

  • Select the date you did the activity on in column B
  • Select the type of activity in column C
  • Just type in the length of the activity in column D in miles (sorry swimmers you'll have to convert from yards to miles)

We have started from the 30th May, and have even logged some activities for some of you but please check as we may have missed some!

The sheet will do the rest & to add a bit of spice and club competition there is a running total on the 'leaderboard' tab at the bottom. There will even be spot prizes awarded when we next have an awards night! So keep on pushing!

Please get stuck in, please log your miles and please please please ask people to support your amazing efforts.

Our aim is to try and raise 10% of the mileage total in £££'s so £2490!

NC&TC Committee

Good luck, and lets see if we can smash the target.

Kind Regards

NCTC Committee

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